Luxembourg = Suxembourg

Even though Shep was molested at the train station in Luxembourg 15 years ago he still had fond memories of this little city and so we thought that it would be a nice place for us to visit for a couple of days. We were wrong. Luxembourg sucks.
Upon our arrival we observed that all the prices seemed to be written in some unfamiliar Luxembourgian currency with the conversion rate being about five to one to Euros. Sandwiches costing 9 luxembourgens, hotel rooms starting at 118 luxemrubles. And what was even more odd, the Luxemdollars had the same € symbol as Euros. Strange but not impossible we thought. We needed clarification, so we headed straight to the tourist office, only to be slapped in the face by that cold, harsh bitch that is the Luxemburgeon reality. In Luxembourg they use euros. Ouch.

Rich people hate poor people
– Fact

Luxembourg is a designer city and people with money come there to shop. If you like to feel poor, go to Luxembourg. If you like it when people stare at you with pity and contempt, sit on the streets of Luxembourg selling art and playing music. It works every time.

So, to make a sad story short- we made just enough money to pay the 62€ we needed to stay at a noisy, mysteriously stained and funky smelling room at a hotel/pizzeria in the super creepy red light district.

Our trip to Luxembourg was horrible, but at least this time no one got molested.



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